Decorating on a Budget – great interior design is possible. It can be fun and wallet friendly. Just because you have a small budget that doesn’t  mean you can’t get big interior design results.  There are ways to achieve the look that you want without breaking the bank and have fun in the process. Study home design magazines or books and find pictures that appeal to you. Once you have found a look or color scheme that you like, take a good look at your own home. See what changes you could make that would cost the least and make the biggest impact.


One of the least expensive ways to impact your home is to paint the walls, and if you are willing to be a bit daring, the ceiling.   Nothing says that a ceiling has to be white; painting it either a pale blue, or really any color you like, makes a big difference in how your room looks.  If you found a picture of a room in a magazine that you like, they very often mention the paint brand and color either in the article or the back of the magazine in the resource section.  Once you have picked 1 or 2 colors, get sample size pots of paint and some foam board, paint them and move them around the room at different times of day to find the one that you like the best.  This may seem like a waste of money, but it is less expensive than having to repaint an entire room over because you don’t like the original color.


Decorating on a budget is possible by reupholstering or slip covering sturdy, comfortable furniture. It is more cost effective than buying lesser quality new furniture that would be in your budget. Reupholstering or having custom slipcovers made means choosing the precise fabric you like.  You could also scour flea markets or vintage stores for great tables of all kinds: coffee tables, dining tables, end tables. This takes patience, time and a good eye to be able to spot a treasure in the midst of a jumble of things, but so often well worth it!


Assess the accessories you have and keep only the ones that you love. Visit home decorating stores for great pillow, lamps and other small items to finish your new room.

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