When you’re contemplating an interior design project and doing research, the idea that form should follow function is a design principle that you probably keep coming across.  Because it is constantly mentioned, it’s obvious that it is important, but what does it mean? The principle is associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century.  By definition, form following function refers to the shape of a building or object being based on its intended purpose. Explained by a NJ professional interior designer, it simply means that how the room will be used should be the primary consideration when creating a design plan.

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It can be a difficult concept to adhere to. Once you fall in love with a beautiful piece of furniture or other decor, it can be hard to accept that it might be useless in your space. A room filled with pieces that are aesthetically pleasing but have no function or purpose just means that you’ll end up with a room full of clutter that does not serve you well.

Determine the Room’s Purpose

Before discussing colors or other design wishes, a NJ professional interior designer will ask how you plan to use the space. While all the little details and accents are more interesting and exciting, choosing them properly is almost impossible without understanding the purpose of the space.

For example, if you are planning a family room that will be used every day, the design should focus on on comfort and durability. That‘s not to say that the room won’t be beautiful, it just means that the furnishings and accents will be chosen based on the room’s primary function.

When you plan interior design with a purpose from the beginning it will be easy to see what will work best, and all the little details will fall into place. This will make browsing for home decor with your interior designer that much more fun and productive.

Design Choices Change

It’s inevitable that over time, as trends come and go, your design preferences will change even if the purpose of the space hasn’t. If a room was originally designed with an odd floor plan to accommodate a specific accent or design element, updating the space may be difficult. You may find yourself wishing you could take out a wall or remove built-in features.

When you are ready to update your decor, a room that has a solid floor plan and timeless anchor pieces will easily lend themselves to redecorating. You’ll simply have to change out the room’s accents to get a new look.

Function Creates Value

When you’re working closely with your NJ professional interior designer to plan and create your newly designed space, moving is the last thing on your mind. But, the reality is that you probably won’t spend the rest of your life in the same house, especially if you are a first-time home buyer.

Beautiful and functional interior design will add value to your home should you decide to sell it in the future. Rooms and spaces that prospective buyers can easily see their furnishings fitting into will make your home more appealing. Odd shaped spaces or awkward floor plans can be a challenge that a buyer may not be willing to take on.

Form and Function Explained by a NJ Professional Interior Designer

A well-designed interior with a functional floor plan will be more attractive to buyers. While you don’t want this to interfere with making your home yours, keeping it in mind when creating your design plan can avoid difficulties when the time comes to sell your home.

Collaborate with NJ Professional Interior Designer

Just because the design plan should be functional doesn’t mean your newly designed living space won’t be beautiful. A NJ professional interior designer can guide you through the process to find the perfect balance of beauty, function, and form.

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