When you’re getting ready to redecorate your home, the sources for ideas and inspiration are endless. There’s decorating magazines, Pinterest, HGTV, and advice from family and friends. Picking out colors and furnishings that you like might seem easy, but tying them all together to achieve the look that you want is another story. This is where the experience and expertise of an interior decorator can definitely make the difference between success and failure.

Have a Plan

You decide that you’re going to redecorate a room in your home. You gather decorating ideas that you like and go shopping. You buy furnishings and accent items that you absolutely love. Yet, when you get home and put everything together, you’re disappointed with the results. You may know of someone that has done this, or maybe you’ve even done this yourself.

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A professional interior decorator will sit down with you and go over all of the aspects of your redecorating project. They will spend time discovering your style and how you will live in the space. Once the budget for your project has been determined, they will provide you with realistic expectations and develop a decorating plan that will produce the desired results and avoid any surprises or costly mistakes.

Stay on Budget

While some believe that hiring an interior decorator might be too expensive, in many ways it is actually the most cost-effective way to redecorate. If you do it on your own and are unhappy with your results, you have two choices.

You could learn to live with it, already thinking about what you’ll do differently the next time. Or you could immediately redecorate, hoping for better results.  Either way, you wasted time and money. Hiring a professional interior decorator can help you avoid both.

When you’ve found that “must have” chandelier or sofa that threatens to break the budget, they can find a solution. An experienced interior decorator will either be able to find a less costly option that you’ll love just as much, or find other areas in the decorating plan to economize on to accommodate the splurge.

Not only will they know how to coordinate all the colors and furnishings to create a space that you’ll love, but they will schedule contractors and deliveries to keep things running smoothly, minimizing labor cost and project completion time.

Benefit of Industry Connections

An experienced interior decorator will have resources and connections that can save both time and money. You could spend hours trying to find an affordable supplier for just one piece of furniture, however, a professional will know where to find it and will probably have a connection to get it at a better price.

Professional interior decorators usually have access to “trade only” resources that often have prices much lower than retail stores, as well as unique items not typically offered to the public.

Make a Statement

Not everyone is artistic or creative. When it comes to decorating, some people might not even know where to begin. Others might be able to find all the right pieces for their decorating project yet not be sure how to bring it all together. An experienced interior decorator will be able will find pieces that complement each other and work well in your space.

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They have the ability to think “outside the box” and present you with ideas and options that never occurred to you. When your decorating project is completed, it should be a reflection of your style with an unexpected “wow” factor. The interior decorator’s goal is not only to achieve your expectations but to go above and beyond them.

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