Most of us don’t think about the color of our surroundings until it’s time to decorate, yet it affects us everyday. When undertaking an interior design project, color choice involves more than paint, fabric, and furniture. The colors you choose help define the space, reflect your personality and set the mood of the room. When making your choice, keep in mind how you will use the room and what mood you’d like to create.

The Impact of Color

Color makes a strong visual impact on a space and can also have a psychological effect on those inhabiting the room. There are a multitude of scientific studies about how color can affect mood and emotions, so let’s break it down by basic colors and the tone they set in a room. This will help you to decide which color best suits your space.


If you are looking for a softer feel and a clean look for your space, white can be a great choice. It is the perfect option to achieve a bright, simple, minimalist space with a calm vibe, or as a versatile neutral that will easily lend itself to more colorful accents. White often has a peaceful effect on mood and evokes a feeling of cleanliness.

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Some people feel black is too strong of a color to be used in their interior design. It is a powerful color, but it can create a simple and elegant look and feel when used properly. Black might be too dark for a bedroom, but it is a great choice for a living room, den, professional or home office. The key is to make sure the room is well lit and that it is offset by white trim and ceilings. Black can be calming while creating an air of confidence and maturity.


If you’re going for a warm earthy feel, brown is a great choice for your interior design project. It can be strong yet comfortable, lending itself to rustic or masculine spaces like a bachelor’s apartment or family room.  There are also softer shades of brown which work well in living rooms.


Blue is a cool color that calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity and evokes images of water and sky. Because of this, it is a popular color for seashore designs. It’s also a good color for bathrooms, and its softer shades can be a relaxing color for the bedroom. A bolder variation of blue or turquoise will also work well in these spaces and both hues go great with white.

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Like blue, green is considered a cool color. Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect. Fresh and vibrant, it can evoke images of nature. It is also a relaxing and healing color. If used in a bedroom or living room, lighter shades are best. Darker greens are better used as accents.


Purple is a color people seem to either love or hate, there’s no in between. Combining the warmth of red and calming feel of blue, purple can add decorative depth to a room. It is considered a sensual yet soothing color which can work well in bedrooms and living rooms. Historically, purple is associated with royalty, yet it looks great in modern and contemporary decors.


Red is the color of passion and a very energizing shade. It is considered to be an exciting or even an aggressive color and can evoke strong emotions. It is best used in entertainment areas such as the living room, family room, and dining room. Because it is such a bold color, use it with caution. It can easily become overwhelming.

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Warm, welcoming and refreshing, orange can evoke feelings of enthusiasm. It is another color that works well in entertaining areas and social settings. In addition to the living and dining room, orange can give the kitchen a bright and cheerful feeling. But beware, saturating a space with this color can be overwhelming, so again use this color with caution.


Striking and energetic, yellow is a stimulating color and can really brighten up a room. Eye catching, it is best used as an accent color and not as the main focus of an interior design project. It’s better to add yellow pillows, lamps or an occasional chair to the space if you’re opting for a bright, bold shade. However, there are many softer shades of yellow, as light as butter which will give rooms a soft, warm appeal.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Interior Design Project

These guidelines are a good starting point, but it’s important to remember that color choice is a matter of personal taste and style. It can be challenging to balance your personal taste with proper design principles to create the right mood and capture your personality. Consulting with a professional interior designer can make the decision easier and allow you to end up with a space that you’ll absolutely love.

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