When making an interior design plan, choosing a color palette is usually the place to begin. Once that has been determined, you can begin to find pieces that work within that color palette. For many who can’t decide on a color palette, it helps if they already own or find a piece of art that they love. They can then use the art as a starting point for the room’s color scheme. All too often, art is an afterthought when decorating, when actually, it can provide a color palette and design direction for a whole room. There are interior design tips that can help create a space where your furniture and your favorite art can peacefully coexist.

Got Art?

For those who are starting from scratch, the first tip is simple. Skip the trip to paint store or furniture gallery and pick out your art first.  For both those who have already collected art that they love and those who have just purchased their pieces, let your art be your interior design inspiration.

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The Perfect Backdrop

The color you choose for your walls will provide the backdrop for your art. There are a few different interior decorating tips to keep in mind when choosing a paint color, each creating a different effect.

If you want your art to make a statement that’s more subtle, choose a paint color similar to the background color in your art. This will create a more cohesive look and enhance the design flow.  

Don’t be afraid to consult the color wheel. Choosing a complementary color to those prominent in your art will highlight it while maintaining the flow of the design. For example, if the dominant color in your piece is orange, choose the color directly opposite on the color wheel, which is blue.

You can also use a different shade of one of the prominent colors in your piece. If there is a lot of dark green in the piece, use a light shade of green on the walls.  Or, if the color in your art is of the lighter variety, choose a darker shade of the same color. This works exceptionally well when the background of the piece is white.

Multiple pieces of art with a variety of colors can make it challenging to choose just one color to complement them all. Adding another color to the mix could dilute the impact of your art. In this circumstance, choosing a neutral background can be the most effective way to highlight your art pieces.

Furniture and Accessories

Your wall color isn’t the only way to incorporate and highlight your art in your interior design. Pull color from your art and use it in your furnishings and accessories. This can help create balance in the design.

When working with neutral walls, use color from the art when selecting furniture. If the color is particularly bold,  it is best to use it only on smaller pieces of furniture. Referring to the previous example, if the color is orange, you may want to use it on a small accent chair. A large sofa upholstered in orange could overwhelm the room.

If you’ve opted for color on your walls, it will be better to keep your furnishings neutral or monotone and accent with accessories like pillows that mirror one or two of the colors in your art. Repeating color from your art increases its impact in the room.

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The more common thought regarding the style of a room is that the type of art and the overall style of the room as a whole should be the same. That is, modern art should be in a modern room and traditional art belongs in a traditional room.

A more daring approach would be to mix it up. Modern art can update a traditional room, giving it a more contemporary feel. On the flip side, traditional art in a largely contemporary room creates some sense of history.

Be cautious when doing this so you don’t end up with a space that isn’t cohesive at all. Work with one main style of furnishings and bring in smaller pieces and accessories to incorporate other styles represented in your art.

One of the Best Interior Design Tips!

These interior design tips are just basic guidelines and you may find yourself wanting to bend the rules. Interior design isn’t a simple equation that equals a one-size-fits-all solution. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. The best design tip is to enlist the services of an experienced interior designer. They can help you blend art, colors, furnishings, and style to create a space that is uniquely yours.

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