The holiday season is upon us once again, and with it all the planning, shopping, and  decorating that implies.  Some people revel in all the bustle and excitement associated with the season, while others approach it with dread.  Whichever category applies to you, Christmas decorating should, and can, be a fun and enjoyable endeavor.


One of the keys to enjoying decorating is organization.  This starts when packing away everything once the holidays are over.  Large plastic bins are ideal for storing your keepsakes until the following year.  They don’t fall apart the way that corrugated storage boxes tend to do, they hold a lot and are lightweight.  There are containers that have dividers and layers so that you can safely pack away your breakable ornaments.  Pack similar items together so that they are all easier to find.  Perhaps pack all soft items together, such as the tree skirt, stockings and other soft decorations. You may also want to pack flat breakables in this box by standing them against the hard sides of the bin and protecting them from each other with the soft items.  In another, pack tabletop decorations and stocking holders.


Perhaps you were so eager to take down the tree and other decorations last year that everything got packed away in haphazard manner. Spend an hour or two in advance to organize now and go through each box. Separate the items by type and then put them back in the bins. You are probably thinking that this is a waste of precious time, but it isn’t. It will be particularly helpful if you have smaller children helping decorate and they are eager to hang their stockings and you have no idea where to find them.  It is frustrating for all involved if you are frantically rummaging through all the bins trying to locate them as your children keep asking “Where are they?”. This will eliminate that issue and help to make Christmas decorating relaxing and fun for everyone.


One of the keys to beautiful Christmas decorating is to be sure that if reflects your style and includes the things that you love. Ornaments and decorations come in so many different colors these days, that you can find ones that will complement your existing décor, be it purple or turquoise.  You are no longer restricted to the traditional reds and greens associated with Christmas. So indulge your love of color in your choice of Christmas decorations.  If your style is minimalist, you can decorate simply with just a tree and one or two other holiday decorations.  On the other hand, if you love the look of traditional Christmas reds and greens, then there are plenty of beautiful ornaments and decorations for you to choose.  Garlands, swags, wreaths and lush greenery abound and will fill your home not only with beauty but delightful scent.


There are several thoughts about decorating a tree. Some prefer to decorate with ornaments that they love, have collected over time, or have sentimental value, but no common thread or theme. They hang them on their tree with a happy abandon of any notion that they all need to go together.  This makes for a wonderfully personal tree that tells their unique story. Others prefer that their tree be color coordinated. Each ornament and item that is hung on the tree must conform to the chosen color scheme (usually the colors of the room where the tree is located).  This results in a more formal tree.  Still others like to decorate their tree with a theme that appeals to them.  It may be something of importance in their life, such as cooking, boating, or winter sports, and the decorations chosen for the tree will reflect that interest. No one way is more correct than any other; what is important is that whatever you do makes you happy when you look at it. Christmas decorating is a matter of personal preference.


In this hectic world time seems to always be in short supply.  Sometimes it helps to call in a professional for assistance.  The holidays may be more enjoyable if there were less on your to do list and sometimes prioritizing helps with that.  Is it more important that you enjoy real quality time with family and friends? Do you and your children enjoy baking together or is there a special show you want to see? If you don’t have time for all that you need to do and all that you want to do, you can and should call in an interior decorator to help.  Let the designer do your Christmas decorating and spend the precious time that you have to do the things that you truly want to do.

CW Interiors specializes in creating interiors that are classic, inviting and timeless. Owner and designer Carolyn Wesslen can help with your Christmas decorating projects and  make the holidays an enjoyable time for everyone involved.  Decorating can be done while family members enjoy baking or making presents together.  Carolyn, an Allied ASID member, strives for excellent design that is a pleasant experience for all involved and prides herself on demonstrating integrity, courtesy and professionalism on each design project.

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