Common wisdom says that you can’t have a child and/or pet friendly home that is also grown up and beautiful.  That you must give over your family’s living spaces to toys – both children’s and pets’.  Or that you need to wait to have “good” things in your home until your children are older.  Well, that is simply not the case.  With the many options in home furnishings there is no need to wait. 

There are many options available today in furniture that are both stylish and child or pet friendly.  

Most manufacturers and furniture stores have upholstery fabric options that are not only attractive, but also withstand dirty fingers and paws. Many of the indoor/outdoor fabrics fall into this category and they are no longer stiff and uncomfortable. They come in a wide range of soft, luxurious fabrics from which to choose. Spills bead up and wipe off and a damp cloth will take care of those finger or pawprints.  

Kid and Pet Friendly Leather Couch
Leather is a great couch option

Another option is to purchase leather seating pieces.  Leather is sturdy, cleans with a damp cloth and now comes in many styles.  No longer is leather relegated to overstuffed, large couches or chairs. Those are still available if that is your choice, but there are now leather sofas in traditional forms such as Chesterfield or Tuxedo. In addition there are many attractive streamlined contemporary styles to select from as well. And leather just gets softer with use.

It is also possible to have slipcovers made for your furniture that will unzip and that you can pop into your washing machine as needed.  The sofa in the picture below has removable slipcovers that allowed the homeowners to indulge their desire for a white sofa despite having a toddler, large dog and a cat.  They have been removed and laundered many times and still look new. 

Kid and Pet Friendly Sofa with Washable Slipcovers

Now it is possible to purchase washable area rugs which will not only add beauty to your rooms but provide a soft area for play on the floor.

Hidden storage and play space options that do double duty.

As for the many toys that children all have (and that also accumulate for pets), wall units provide a lot of storage for toys that can be stowed away behind doors or in drawers.  Toys can be taken out as needed and then hidden from sight when playtime is over, and it is time for the grown-ups.  

Durable, attractive hardgoods are also readily available.  Coffee tables that have stone tops provide a sturdy work surface for play and crafts. They are nearly scratchproof and can be wiped clean at the end of the day.  

Or choose antiques that are not so precious that you are afraid to use them.  Tables that bear some wear (what is called patina, these days) will just get better with use and you won’t have to worry about rings left by damp glasses or any dings that may come from daily use.  Sturdy, good looking pieces are out there just waiting for another family to love and use.

So indulge your desire to surround yourself with practical beauty and have a home that is both beautiful and practical. Call Carolyn at (609) 618-2863 for assistance, there is no better time to do so!