It’s time to redecorate and you’re having trouble deciding on a decorating style. If you go with a style that is too trendy, it may only be a few years before you’re tired of it. But the whole point of redecorating is to give your home a fresh contemporary look. So how do you choose? Trendy or timeless? By following a few simple design basics you can have both. You can find a balance between the two interior decorating styles to create a home that’s modern and fresh but won’t have you wondering “What was I thinking?” a few years down the road. You want to invest in a style that you’ll love and enjoy for a long time. These tips can help you avoid a decorating disaster.

Lean Toward Timeless

First and foremost, when taking on an interior decorating project it’s best to aim for timeless design. Pick classic furniture pieces with clean and simple lines in neutral fabrics. You may really love that orange chandelier now, but if there’s any question about how you’ll feel about it five years from now, don’t get it.

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Get Trendy with Accents

Furniture upholstered in a trendy or bold pattern can be a risky decorating choice and one you might not want to live with for a long time. Incorporating trendy accents is typically the better way to go. Use that bold fabric you love on pillows instead. These will be easier and less expensive to replace when you tire of them or they go out of style.

Remain Neutral

With anything you want to keep for a long time, sticking with neutrals is a wise investment. It may sound boring, but it doesn’t have to be. You can always add color with your paint, artwork or other colorful accessories. These are easier and less expensive to replace than large upholstered pieces of furniture if you decide you’re ready for a change.

Keep it Simple

Just about everything goes out of style at some point, but extremely detailed or ornate items seem to have a shorter shelf life when it comes to interior decorating. This applies to all major interior decor items, not strictly furniture.  Kitchen cabinets with fancy trim or detailed inlays are likely to look outdated much more quickly than those with clean lines. The simpler the design, the better chance it has of standing up to the test of time. You can always change the look of your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint or new accessories, but replacing outdated ornate cabinets can be a big undertaking.

Go Ahead – Splurge

When choosing anchor pieces for your interior decorating project, this is the time to splurge. High-quality pieces that will bring you years of pleasure and enjoyment are worth the investment. A dining room table where you’ll make memories over family dinners, or beautiful wood flooring that will bring warmth and elegance to your home – these are items worth splurging on. Avoid splurging on trendy items.

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Pick What You Love

The key to a truly successful interior decorating project is to choose design elements and items that make you happy. If there is a decorating style you’ve always admired or have been drawn to, go for it! You’re less likely to get tired of it. Forget about the current trends or how the neighbors are decorating. It’s about creating a home that you love.

Consider Professional interior Decorating

Why hire an interior decorator? When you’re struggling between trendy and timeless, a professional decorator can help you strike the right balance between the two and prevent any decorating disasters.

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